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Law of European Union

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Law of European Union

Law that has power over European Union is a body made out of treaties and legislation ( directives, regulations ) that have (in)direct effect of all member states. Courts of all members accepted European Union law, and Courte of Justice of EU is a highest court in the EU. EU doesn’t have codified constitution, but it has laws that constitute its structure. There are two major treaties that are used as a source of constitution, TEU ( Treaty of European Union ) and TFEU ( Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union ).

These two treaties are signed by all members of the EU. Treaties are used as a founding stone for establishment of EU institutions, the power they carry and responsibilities they have, and they explain what EU can legislate with its laws.

For creation of laws on the level of EU European Commission is an agency that can initiate them. After they do that two different bodies make amendments until they reach consent for that law to pass. The European Court of Justice can review the  legality of the actions of all EU bodies, as it was stated in treaties.

And if one country, or few of them accuse another member of EU on ground of breaching of the EU laws then the court will investigate and punish the country that is guilty of those charges.

Now, as I said two treaties are in the foundation of EU law. Those treaties include institutions of the EU and the division of competencies between members of the EU and EU as a body. The TEU treaty establishes law about territories of its members including islands and other territories. Faroe Island are not included in that treaty due to its level of independence.

EU was created on the ground of easier trade, and first treaties included common rules for steel and coal, and later atomic energy on the territory of EU.

Treaties I am talking about are just those first treaties, they were the foundation of modern EU. Now, there are hundreds of other treaties in effect within the EU and between EU and other parties. For more information about European Union law, contact a clickable link, one of the best experts of these laws.

What kinds of business laws we have

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What kinds of business laws we have

Depending on where you plan to start your business there are some laws that you’ll need to know and follow. I must emphasize that I had a help in writing this article provided by browse around this site.

Laws about formation of business

This law explains the kind of work entity which you developed – a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a restricted responsibility company. When you decide which kind of business you want, you need to seek advice from a tax lawyer or accountant.

Laws about zones

Sometimes there are restrictions in some areas, and this law gives you information which types of businesses are allowed in certain areas. So before you start up your own business ,check is this kind of business allowed in that particular area where you are planning to run it.

License Laws

Depending on the business you plan to run, you have to get the right kind of license to run your business. Without appropriate license for work you will be forced to shut your business down.

Employee Laws

Knowledge of employment law is very  important. You must follow the proper procedures in hiring, paying or firing your employees, because if you don’t respect this procedures and their rights, they have permission to sue you.

Tax Law

This laws are also very important. When you begin generating sales, you will need to file the pertinent returns and pay your duty appropriately. The best option is to employ a tax lawyer or accountant to solve this for you. Your accountant can compute your income taxes at the end of the year.

Environment Laws

If your company uses waste products which need to be disposed of or holds some dangerous substances, you have to know in which way should protect your environment.

Laws about intellectual possession

These laws can be very complicated, so the best option is hire a lawyer who is specialized in this zone.

Law and equality

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Law and equality

Law ‘s primary purpose is of course governing people’s behavior, in other words creating laws which will control behavior of the people. Other than that laws are created in purpose of protecting less fortunate people this means that rules that people must obey are the same for everyone, no matter your gender, race, age, or religion you belong to.

Equality in the eyes of the law is a principle that has been studied for many centuries by all the greatest experts and philosophers. All people are treated in the same way by the law, meaning that the rich and poor as well as males and females, and no matter which race or religion you support have the same opportunities before the law, they are all supposed to have an opportunity of fair trial, good defense and maybe the most important thing Anatole France had in his mind when he said this sentence is ability of equal responsibility for the actions they take, that means no matter which of these groups you belong to you will be punished for your crimes equally.

This sentence but elaborated and further developed is proclaimed in the beginning of the Declaration of Humans Rights, and it goes something like thatall persons have the same right before the law and they have equal respect and protection by the law. Every major organization that deals with human rights such as United Nations says that this quote from Declaration is most important for poor people and minorities.

Even though this principle is one of the most important principles, there are often different kind of disputes and discriminations in reality. Maybe the most controversial one is discrimination based on sexual orientation of people, which is very serious problem for humanity today. Most about this discrimination advocate site over here.

Feminism is the movement that has all the media attention and as such proclaims equality before the law, their purpose is obtaining equality for women and men in political aspect, as well as other aspects such as social one. For example, members of this movement struggle to get equal opportunities of employment and participation in leaderships of big and important companies.

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